Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Ayurvedic oil massage, abhyanga,  is a key part of Ayurvedic therapy.  Abhyanga is deeply nourishing and soothing. It aids joint health, nourishes the tissues of the body and brings aggravated systems, or doshas, back to balance. With an oil massage we work on releasing blockages in the physical and energetic body. Having a regular Ayurvedic massage is considered key in maintaining balance and preventing disease. The massage is deeply relaxing, harmonising, detoxifying, strengthening and revitalising for the entire body.

The massage is done with warm herb infused oils chosen with care to your specific needs. I combine massage with the healing power of Reiki. 

The massage can be done in Odemira or on location.

Dry Powder Massage

A dry powder massage, Udvartana, is specifically beneficial for lymphatic cleansing and reducing excess water, cellulite or sluggishness from the body. 

The massage is done in upward moving strokes with dry herbal powders that support detoxification of the skin.

This type of massage is for you if you feel heavy, lethargic or suffer from water retention in your body. It tones the skin , slows aging and provides strength to the body. 

Based on your individual needs i will mix the dry powder with oil or use it solely. The powder can be a mixture of ground herbs, spices, grains and beans.

The massage can be done in Odemira or on location.

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